If you use our game, you accept the following conditions:

The use of VPN is prohibited. Accounts where the use of VPN has been detected will be blocked and the payout will be denied.

The rewards for the game ReBounce! will only be given once per account.

The game ReBounce! can only be played with an active internet connection. Only then there are the promised coins.

Countries excluded from the Google Play Store are also excluded from support and payment.

If the user makes a purchase in the Quizfriends app, a purchase contract is concluded between mHERO GmbH and the user.

A confirmation e-mail of the purchase is sent via the operator of the appstore.

Conditions of participation for Social Media Star and Season Special Quizzes
Win: 50€/50$ per Social Media Star and Season Special Quiz

Payouts are only possible once the user has reached at least 500 diamonds in the app. Below this, a payout is not possible.

Each Payout that is requested for Paypal is only valid if the used PayPal Account is only connected unique to one specific account. If there are users that use multiple PayPal accounts for one account or multiple Quizfriends user accounts with one PayPal account we preserve the right to decline future Payoutrequests. Additionally we keep the option of closing down the specific accounts.

It’s prohibited in any kind of way to manipulate the Advertising ID that is used on a device with the target of gaining an advantage. If it gets noticed the related account gets blocked and closed immediately.

Any offer that is used in the app to gain coins is limited to one time per user. In case a user is identified for using the same offer multiple times, the consequence the user faces is not receiving coins for improper offers and removal of coins from improper offers.

1. participation

a) Eligible to participate are all adult persons residing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, USA and UK who use an Android version. Eligible to participate are all adults residing in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France who use an iOS version. Employees of Kapitäne Media GmbH and their relatives are excluded from participation. Participation by means of electronic registration systems, so-called collection service providers as well as so-called disposable e-mails or trash mails will not be considered.

b) A person takes part in the competition by successfully playing the quiz, the social media star of his/her choice or a season special quiz, by answering all questions correctly. Multiple participation per quiz is excluded. Only one prize can be won per person.

c) The collection of the required personal data is used exclusively for the execution of the competition. The winner’s data will be transmitted to our internal marketing department of Kapitäne Media GmbH for the purpose of processing the prize. Otherwise the data will not be passed on to third parties. All data will only be stored for the purpose and for a period of 90 days from the end of the entry period of the competition and will then be deleted unless there is a legal obligation to store them. Personal data of the winners will be stored for a period of 6 years from the end of the entry deadline of the competition due to legal retention periods and will then be deleted.

d) The deadline for participation in the competition is noted in the app for each Social Media Star Quiz or Season Special Quiz. For app competitions, all comments sent by 23:59 German time on the day of the closing date at the latest will take part. After this time, participation in the competition is no longer possible. The electronically logged receipt of the corresponding data record serves to verify and meet the deadline. The participant himself is responsible for the correctness of the contact data provided, in particular his e-mail and/or postal address.

2. execution and handling

a) Unless otherwise specified in the lottery information, the winners will be determined by the Marketing Department of Kapitäne Media GmbH or the associated mHERO GmbH among all participants whose respective answer options are correct or complete in accordance with the relevant specifications. The individual participant’s chance of winning therefore depends to a large extent on how many participants participate in the competition overall.

b) The information contained in the lottery results in more detailed information about the respective prize (including possible restrictions, participation services or costs applicable to the claim of the prize). The items presented as prizes in the competition do not necessarily have to be identical to the items won, but there may be differences in the method of payment.

c) The winners will be notified by Kapitäne Media GmbH or on behalf of Kapitäne Media GmbH by e-mail within four weeks of the closing date for entries. This notification will be sent to one of the addresses given by the participant at the time of entry. In the event of an undeliverable notification of a prize, Kapitäne Media GmbH is not obliged to carry out any further investigations. If the winner does not respond within four weeks after sending the notification, the claim to the prize lapses and a new winner is determined by lot. The claim to the prize also lapses if the transmission of the prize cannot take place within two months of the first notification of the prize for reasons attributable to the person of the winner.

d) A cash payment of the winnings is not possible.

e) The prize is not transferable.

f) By participating, the participant agrees that in the event of a win, the first name given at the time of participation, the first letter of the surname on the homepage of Kapitäne Media GmbH or the respective brand, in this case Quizfriends, for which the competition is being organized and/or can be published on the official Facebook fan page of the respective brand.

g) Participation in the competition is free of charge. There are no hidden follow-up costs.

3. other provisions

a) Kapitäne Media GmbH and mHERO GmbH assume no liability for loss of data, in particular by way of data transmission, and other technical defects.

b) Kapitäne Media GmbH and mHERO GmbH reserve the right to exclude participants from the competition due to incorrect information, manipulations or the use of unauthorized aids.

c) Legal recourse is excluded.

d) Exclusive applicable law is the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

e) Should any of these provisions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation.

f) These conditions of participation can be changed by Kapitäne Media GmbH and mHERO GmbH at any time without separate notification.

Ingame changes 

We preserve the right to take actions that change the ingame values in order to improve the experience user have in Goldfever.